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TV Listings for GOLD on Sunday (19.02.2017)

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 00-07 25Cheers
Sitcom set in a Boston bar. Rebecca embarrasses herself when she makes a play for her boss, and has to rely on Sam to salvage the situation. S6 Ep10

07 25-07 50Cheers
Sharp US comedy. Cliff buys an apartment and finds a girlfriend. However, because she is rather plain, Cliff will not bring her to meet his friends. S6 Ep11

07 50-08 55One Foot in the Grave
More laughs with Victor Meldrew in a 1991 festive special. After the horrific garden gnome incident, Victor has a score to settle with Patrick.

08 55-10 35Carry On Sergeant
1958. Original Doctor Who William Hartnell stars in the first Carry On film. An ageing army man is desperate to win the award for best troop before he retires. With Bob Monkhouse.

10 35-11 15Only Fools and Horses
Del never lets an opportunity to make a quick buck pass him by. A heavily pregnant German au pair wants to get her prospective baby adopted. Del smells money! S5 Ep1

11 15-11 55Only Fools and Horses
Del springs into action, alerting the world's media, when the statue of the Virgin Mary at his local church begins to weep real holy tears - open yer wallets! S5 Ep2

11 55-12 35Only Fools and Horses
The hapless Trotters are accused of shoplifting when they lose their receipts. Then in the manager's office, they become entangled in an armed siege. Not cushty! S5 Ep3

12 35-13 10Only Fools and Horses
When Rodney is given a grant to make a community film, Del sees a chance for lining his own pockets by videoing weddings, and making a blue movie called Night Nurse. S5 Ep5

13 10-14 15Only Fools and Horses
Classic hilarity all the way from Peckham with the Trotters. Ace entrepreneur Del Boy tries to keep up with the yuppies and gets involved in a shady business deal. S6 Ep2

14 15-15 20Only Fools and Horses
Del buys some gold chains from a dealer over lunch who then proceeds to have a heart attack - with the gold still locked in a briefcase chained to his wrist! S6 Ep3

15 20-16 30Only Fools and Horses
The Trotters go overseas after Del enters one of Rodney's paintings in a competition and wins a week's holiday in Mallorca for three. But there's a catch... S6 Ep4

16 30-17 45Only Fools and Horses
More ducking and diving with Del and Rodders. Del charges people to attend seances conducted by Uncle Albert's psychic girlfriend. But it's all a con - isn't it? S6 Ep5

17 45-18 55Only Fools and Horses
The American Dream: Special feature-length story with the Trotters taking a trip to the States. When Cassandra can't accompany Rodney to Miami, Del kindly steps in. S17 Ep1

18 55-21 00Only Fools and Horses
Oh to Be in England: Part two of the Trotters' Miami adventures. With Del handling the accommodation and transport, naturally the pair end up in a dodgy camper van. S17 Ep2

21 00-21 40Blackadder the Third
The witty, century-hopping sitcom. Edmund tries to get Baldrick elected as an MP, and battles a particularly youthful PM who's had bad experiences with crumpet. S3 Ep1

21 40-22 20Blackadder the Third
Robbie Coltrane guest stars in this episode of the superb sitcom. When Dr Samuel Johnson's new dictionary is used for firewood, Edmund must rewrite it overnight. S3 Ep2

22 20-23 00Blackadder the Third
Rowan Atkinson in the part he was born to play - E Blackadder Esq, butler to the Prince Regent in the late 18th century. Revolution sweeps France, and heads roll. S3 Ep3

23 00-23 40The Thick of It
First-rate political satire. Peter Mannion is told to launch his coalition partner's 'Networked Nation' policy. But he doesn't even know how to right-click a mouse. S4 Ep1

23 40-00 20The Thick of It
More political highs, lows and omnishambles. Nicola Murray struggles to break in her new policy advisor and is being followed by an eight foot pork chop. S4 Ep2

00 20-01 00Limmy's Show
New to Gold. More fast-paced sketches. Limmy learns a new word, relives the golden age of games and battles a malevolent room in his house. S2 Ep3

01 00-01 40Limmy's Show
New to Gold. Comedy characters, animations and sketches. Limmy reveals a worrying new dance craze, tells the scariest of stories and wrestles with his webcam. S2 Ep4

01 40-02 20House of Fools
Sitcom set in Vic and Bob's house. When Vic invites Bob's ex-wife Erika over as a surprise for Bob's birthday, Bob is not at all pleased. S1 Ep5

02 20-02 55House of Fools
Sitcom set in Vic and Bob's house. When a magazine offers a chimp as a prize to anyone who can provide a photo of a ghost, Vic instantly begins ghost hunting. S1 Ep6

02 55-03 25Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Jill Tyrell is picking up the pieces following the murders. She has managed to frame ex-boyfriend Glen Bulb, who is currently a patient at a mental institute. S2 Ep1

03 25-04 00Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Jill and the kidnapped Linda get closer to finding Cath and Don Cole when a car accident leads them in the direction of Trees Therapy Centre. S2 Ep2

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.