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TV Listings for COMEDY CENTRAL on Saturday (22.07.2017)

06 00-08 00Teleshopping

08 00-08 35Friends
The One In Vegas (2): Monica and Chandler reconcile and, on the roll of the dice, decide to get married immediately. However, they find out that Ross and Rachel have beaten them to it. (S5, E24)

08 35-09 00Friends
Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. (S6, E01)

09 00-09 30The Middle
Mike gets a pool table so that their house can be the "fun house" in the neighbourhood, and Frankie's job could be in jeopardy when a consultant visits Ehlert Motors. (S1, E18)

09 30-10 00The Middle
Mike's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the Final Four basketball competition is put into jeopardy when Frankie's uncle's funeral is scheduled for the same day. (S1, E19)

10 00-10 30The Middle
The Hecks give up cable TV to save money. Though the kids are initially unhappy, they soon find distractions and it's Frankie and Mike who end up having the most difficulty. (S1, E20)

10 30-11 00The Middle
Frankie becomes distressed when Axl gets back together with Morgan one more time and she begins telling him what to do again, while Brick struggles to take care of a baby chick. (S1, E21)

11 00-11 308 Simple Rules
Bridget gets suspended but she's covering for Kerry so she can go to her summer program in Europe. C.J. is waiting on a call from Aerosmith, Gramps from Cate's mom. (S2, E24)

11 30-12 008 Simple Rules
The summer is over and Kerry has "grown" in Europe. Bridget is the student body president and revels in her power. Rory starts high school with trepidation. (S3, E01)

12 00-12 30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Wedding Show (Psyche!): Feeling that their opinions and feelings are being ignored, Will and Lisa run off to Las Vegas to get married. Isaac Hayes guest stars. (S5, E18)

12 30-13 00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Slum Like It... Not! Will talks Philip into buying Jazz's apartment building. The state of the building however is not what they expected and things soon turn awry. (S5, E19)

13 00-13 30Impractical Jokers
The guys confess to strangers at the park, act as crummy cashiers at a grocery store, and head to the mall to play a touching game involving laser pointers. (S9, E07)

13 30-14 00Impractical Jokers
The guys act as inhospitable restaurant hosts and beg strangers to babysit their grandfathers. Tonight features the longest punishment in Impractical Jokers history! (S9, E08)

14 00-14 30Impractical Jokers
The guys encourage strangers to fill out their questionnaires with a broken hand in a waiting room, and then head to the market where they solicit strangers for money they don't deserve. (S9, E09)

14 30-15 00Impractical Jokers
The guys go face-to-face hitting the bulls-eye at a clothing store, and go head-to-head in a focus group sabotaging each other with strange inventions. (S9, E11)

15 00-15 30Friends
Chandler and Monica tell Joey and Rachel that they want to live together. Monica is hurt that Rachel doesn't react as strongly as Joey. (S6, E02)

15 30-16 00Friends
Despite Phoebe's admonitions, Ross asks Rachel to move in with him. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica bicker over their living arrangements. (S6, E03)

16 00-16 30Friends
Joey develops a hernia just as his health insurance expires. Meanwhile, Ross starts to use an "interesting" English accent in his new lectures. (S6, E04)

16 30-17 00Friends
Joey pretends to be the owner of a Porsche when the owner leaves the keys at Central Perk. Meanwhile, Ross tries to avoid getting a third divorce! (S6, E05)

17 00-17 30Friends
The gang prepare for big changes in their living arrangements. Monica and Rachel reminisce about their time living together and it's not all good memories! (S6, E06)

17 30-18 00Friends
Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe's "flamboyant" running style and tries to avoid her on her morning jogs. Elle Macpherson guest stars. (S6, E07)

18 00-18 30Friends
Ross over-whitens his teeth in order to impress his date. Phoebe may or may not have made out with Ralph Lauren which gets Rachel into trouble with her boss. (S6, E08)

18 30-19 00Friends
On Thanksgiving, Chandler tries to gain favour with Monica's parents. However, an incident from his and Ross' college days hinders his efforts. (S6, E09)

19 00-19 30Friends
Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine on a New Year's Eve dance show. Ross and Monica resurrect their high school dance routine for the broadcast. (S6, E10)

19 30-20 00Friends
Janine (Elle Macpherson) forces Joey to choose between her and his friends. Rachel buys an apothecary table from a store that Phoebe hates. (S6, E11)

20 00-20 30Impractical Jokers
The guys ask strangers to hold a random object for them chosen by the other guys, then team-up and teach business seminars, controlled by the others. (S9, E19)

20 30-21 00Impractical Jokers
The guys do and say whatever they are told, while barefoot at a department store, and start conversations with strangers using a single word. (S9, E20)

21 00-22 00Live At The Apollo
Tonight's host at The Apollo is the hyperactive Russell Kane. Joining him are 'Man Down's Roisin Conaty and the 'Uncle's Nick Helm. (S11, E06)

22 00-22 30Amy Schumer Live
In this Comedy Central special, Amy Schumer gives advice on how to use Facebook and how to avoid making out with homeless men. Classic Amy!

22 30-23 00Bad Robots
Tonight sees the return of the frustrating Frank and Send postage machine, which has a new trick up its sleeve. Meanwhile an exasperated plumber loses his temper over a password. (S2, E05)

23 00-00 35Scary Movie 3
Reporter Cindy (Anna Farris) investigates crop circles and killer video tapes - plus helps the President (Leslie Nielsen) prevent an alien invasion! Charlie Sheen & Pamela Anderson also star. (2003)

00 35-01 00Bad Robots
Tonight's episode sees a few guest lecturers receive an unexpected internet history from their new web browser Tezbrowze! (S2, E03)

01 00-01 35Bad Robots
Tonight's episode challenges foreign language students to make sense of UK accents, meanwhile pub-goers are left with empty pockets and hearts by Tezcorp's pub quiz machine Quizimodo. (S2, E04)

01 35-02 00Drunk History USA
Baron von Steuben helps train the Continental Army, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson campaign against each other, and Benedict Arnold betrays George Washington's army. Stephen Merchant stars. (S1, E07)

02 00-02 30South Park
Jimmy is angry that Cartman tries to take credit for a joke he created that is now sweeping the nation. But an angry Kanye West just can't get his head around the punch line. (S13, E05)

02 30-03 00South Park
Randy and Stan somehow discover warp speed, allowing Earth to join the Galactic Federation of Planets, but will an alien gangster and his 'space cash' ruin everything? (S13, E06)

03 00-03 25South Park
Cartman hears of all the riches being plundered by the pirates in Somalia, so dons his eye patch and leads a motley crew off to Africa to get in on the act. (S13, E07)

03 25-03 50Bob's Burgers
With Valentine's Day around the corner, the kids find themselves in love-caused chaos and Bob comes up with a romantic gesture to impress Linda. (S7, E09)

03 50-04 15Bob's Burgers
There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business: Bob is sceptical about Gayle's cat Mr. Business having a career in showbiz, until it looks like the cat could have his big break. (S7, E10)

04 15-04 35The Middle
The Hecks give up cable TV to save money. Though the kids are initially unhappy, they soon find distractions and it's Frankie and Mike who end up having the most difficulty. (S1, E20)

04 35-05 00The Middle
Frankie becomes distressed when Axl gets back together with Morgan one more time and she begins telling him what to do again, while Brick struggles to take care of a baby chick. (S1, E21)

05 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-08 00Teleshopping