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TV Listings for CHANNEL 4 on Monday (23.01.2017)

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

06 45-07 10The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie go for a weekend away together but Doug tells Carrie's colleagues a huge lie. Meanwhile, back in Queens, Arthur manages to destroy Doug and Carrie's bedroom.

07 10-07 35The King of Queens
Doug festoons the house with Halloween decorations even though Arthur has a phobia about it.

07 35-08 00The King of Queens
Lyin' Hearted: Carrie discovers a secret about Arthur, and Doug regrets befriending a quirky stranger.

08 00-08 30Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray accompanies Debra to a high school reunion, where he is unmasked as a former nerd and, worse still, Debra was one of the cool kids who used to tease him.

08 30-09 00Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra decides to write a letter to Marie to tell her to stop interfering after ruining her Tupperware party, but a shocked Ray tries to intercept the note.

09 00-09 30Frasier
Roz meets the parents of her baby's father and is shocked to discover a family facial characteristic that simply can't be ignored.

09 30-10 00Frasier
When Frasier and Niles throw a singles party they are both attracted to the same woman, but it's Roz who steals the show.

10 00-10 30Frasier
Frasier tries to hook up with an attractive new lady, but there are obstacles: a broken watch, car troubles, and Martin's invitation to Chimps on Ice.

10 30-11 30Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay visits Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, and meets husband-and-wife bistro owners, with a shocking contempt for customer feedback. (S6 Ep11/16)

11 30-12 00Four in a Bed
The first visit of this competition is to Blackthorn Farm on Anglesey, where best friends Richard Tuke and Susan Hatch hope to impress, but there are mixed reactions at feedback time.

12 00-12 05Channel 4 News Summary
Includes sport and weather.

12 05-12 35Four in a Bed
Graham and Barbara Yellow pride themselves on offering basic facilities for great value at the White Swan Hotel. But will their guests be happy to pay a supplement for breakfast?

12 35-13 10Four in a Bed
Malcolm and Fiona Piers-Taylor hope to show their guests an alternative way of life at The Old Mill House in Bridport, Dorset. But their guests aren't so sure.

13 10-13 40Four in a Bed
The final visit of the week is to Rachel and Dan Lonergan's Brighton Inn, where the guests clown around as they learn some circus skills. But some of them are on the offensive...

13 40-14 10Four in a Bed
It's the last day of the competition and the B&B owners come together and confront their rivals. Tensions run high as the payments are finally revealed and the winner is announced.

14 10-15 00Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

15 00-16 00A New Life in the Sun
A straight-talking hairdresser from London tries to cut it as the Costa Blanca's newest stylist, and newlyweds start a new life as holiday hosts in the south of France.

16 00-17 00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
Hyacinth Miller from London first visited Barbados 14 years ago, and now she's retired she wants to permanently relocate there so that she can spend more time in her beloved garden.

17 00-18 00Come Dine with Me
In Birmingham, ex-teaching director Chris pals up with psychiatric report manager Ruby. Cheese maker Adrian thinks Chris is having a midlife crisis and estate agent Hayley applies charm.

18 00-18 30The Simpsons
Homer discovers that he has a natural talent for styling hair and opens his own salon, but hates having to listen to his female customers' gossip and problems all day.

18 30-19 00Hollyoaks
Things take a sinister turn when Courtney throws Tegan's phone in the water and disturbs something lurking beneath. Warren surprises Ste, while Lisa chooses between Mac and Nathan again.

19 00-20 00Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.

20 00-20 30Undercover: Britain's Cheap...
...Clothes - Channel 4 Dispatches: Tazeen Ahmad goes undercover to examine wages and working conditions in British textile factories where clothes are made for some big brands.

20 30-21 00Food Unwrapped
Should we keep coffee, tomatoes, potatoes and even red wine in the fridge? Kate finds out why eucalyptus is so good at clearing our airwaves. Plus: sauerkraut. (S10 Ep3)

21 00-22 00The Undateables
Shaine, who has a learning disability, goes on a date with an old schoolfriend. And Alex, who's autistic, wants to celebrate his two year anniversary with Eloise in style. (S6 Ep4/5)

22 00-23 05First Dates Hotel
Fred's guests looking for love in the south of France include Peter, who was born to deaf parents and didn't learn to talk until he was seven. Can he now speak the language of love? (Ep4/6)

23 05-00 058 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Jimmy Carr hosts the words and numbers quiz with Jon Richardson and Phil Wang vs guest captain Russell Howard and Roisin Conaty. Nick Helm is in Dictionary Corner. (Ep2)

00 05-01 05Tattoo Fixers
Sketch is visited by John, an extra-terrestrial enthusiast whose tattoo is on another planet. Jay works on Alec, who made a big mistake with a tiny inking. (S3 Ep4) [SL]

01 05-01 5560 Days in Jail
After more than a month behind bars, the six remaining undercover inmates celebrate Thanksgiving far from their families.

01 55-02 50Spies
The trainees are challenged to get information from unwitting strangers in a pub, then must work out if they're being followed or not, and have to select just one trusted ally. (Ep3/4)

02 50-03 45The Secret Life of 6 Year Olds
Caitlyn and new girl Leila bond after a cake mishap. Elvin feels rejected when Beatrice starts spending more time with Elouisa; can Beatrice and Elvin repair their friendship? (Ep6)

03 45-04 05Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free
Kirstie Allsopp and the team help first-time buyers Christine and Chris, who've run out of money to decorate their Glasgow flat.

04 05-05 05Location, Location, Location
Phil Spencer is beside the seaside, while Kirstie Allsopp covers the countryside as they take on the Norfolk property market, searching for homes for two sets of house-hunters.

05 05-06 00Hoarder SOS
Curtis Dowling and Marianne Cammack are in Essex helping a woman sell stuff she bought in New York in the 1960s, but will her items still have timeless appeal for potential buyers?

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.